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2016 Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec Side-x-Side
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2016 Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec Side-x-Side
2015 Honda Foreman Rubicon: Thoughts On DCT
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  • The next episode of DirtTrax airs June 29 at 10:00 PM EST on WILD TV in Canada.
2014 - EPISODE 19
Itís time to hit the dunes of Glamis and test out or Z1100 Turbo Wildcat with Greg Biffle. Then Luke evaluates Honda's 2015 Foreman Rubicon and then takes a closer look at Arctic Catís 2015 off road lineup.
2014 EPISODE 18
Luke gets a closer look at the Hondaís Dual Clutch Technology . Then AJ's working on the next chapter of our Arctic Cat Wildcat Z1100 Turbo project. Then he installs some parts from MBRP and Dalton Industries.
2014 EPISODE 17
Weíre in Northern Ontario hunting bear, then we're working on our Wildcat turbo project and Luke's evaluating the 2015 Rancher 420.
2014 EPISODE 16
AJ's working with Greg Biffle and Pace Offroad on our Wildcat, then he races the ACE 570 and Luke's at Trail Fest.
2014 EPISODE 15
Luke's check out Arctic Catís and Polaris' 2015 off road lineup, then we ride Hondaís 2015 Foreman Rubicon and Luke evaluates the 2014 Polaris Ranger 900 XP.
2014 EPISODE 14
Luke's at Polaris' first ever Camp RZR East, then he rides Honda's Pioneer 500 and AJ wraps up our Grizzly build.
2014 EPISODE 13
It's Part 2 of AJ's Western Canada adventure with Carl Kuster and Can-Am, then Shelby evaluates the 2014 Polaris RZR 800 XC and AJ starts working on our Yamaha Grizzly project.
2014 EPISODE 12
AJ heads to Sicamous BC, then Luke rides the 2014 Polaris Ranger 570 and AJ's working with some parts from Seizmik.
2014 EPISODE 11
Lukeís having the off road adventure of a lifetime in Quebec Canada and Mark evaluates Can-Amís budget-focused Outlander L 500 ATV.
2014 EPISODE 10
Luke sits down with Martin Barkey of MBRP then evaluates Yamahaís 2014 Grizzly 700 and AJ upgrades the shocks on our Renegade.
2014 EPISODE 09
We shootout the Scrambler vs. Renegade, AJís finishing up our Project RZR and then evaluates CFMOTOís ZForce 800 EX.
2014 EPISODE 08
Mark looks at the 50-inch wide SXS market, Luke discusses John Deere and then evaluates Can-Amís 2014 Renegade 1000 and AJís helping you set up your shocks.
2014 EPISODE 07
AJ's at the intro of the Polaris Slingshot, Luke rides Kymco's UXV 700i SP and the 2014 Scrambler XP 1000. Then AJ works on our RZR 800 SuperATV wide arm kit.
2014 EPISODE 06
Luke's in West Virginia with Guest Host Shelby Mahon riding side-x-sides on the Hatfield McCoy Trail system, thenMark reviews Yamaha's 2015Viking VI, then AJ installs a SuperATV wide arm kit on our base RZR 800.
2014 EPISODE 05
AJ and Motorhead Mark VISIT Gateway CO and Driven Trophy Truck experience with Chuck Dempsey. Then AJ reviews the 50-inch wide 2014 Polaris RZR 800 and Motorhead Mark introduces us to CFMOTO.
2014 EPISODE 04
AJ and Mark are in Gateway CO doing the trek across the desert to Moab with Chuck Dempsey. Then AJ reviews Arctic Cat's Wildcat trail and Luke takes a closer look at Diamondback Truck Covers.
2014 EPISODE 03
Mark interviews BRP's President and CEO Josť Boisjoli, AJ rides Honda's 50-inch wide 2015 Pioneer 500 SXS and Luke evaluates John Deere's RSX 850i.
2014 EPISODE 02
Luke's at Gunsite with Yamaha, then he reviews the 2014 Polaris ACE and AJ installs a Dalton clutch on our Maverick X rs.
2014 EPISODE 01
Weíre at the DARPA Robotics Challenge with Polaris, then Luke's aboard Can-Am's 2014 Maverick 1000 X rs and AJ installs ITP Mammoth Mayhem mud tires.
2013 EPISODE 26
Mark looks at Honda, Luke runs the RZR XP1K against our RZR 900, then we're talking Camoplast tracks.
2013 EPISODE 25
Luke is riding Honda Pioneers in Northern Ontario Canada and AJ's riding the new 50-inch Wildcat and Wildcat X Limited!
2013 EPISODE 23
The guys are riding Hatfield McCoy trails. Then AJ rocks the 2014 Polaris RZR XP 1000.
2013 EPISODE 22
Luke heads Finland for a look at Can-Am's Outlander 6x6. Then Motorhead Mark takes a closer look at Honda's 2013 Pioneer 4-seater.
2013 EPISODE 20
Luke's at the 2014 Polaris intro, then AJ shows off two new custom MBRP exhausts for our RZR XP 900, then adds some serious bling from SuperATV to our project RZR 570.
2013 EPISODE 19
Luke does some riding and fishing in Brimstone, then he's aboard the RZR XP900 and AJ introduces us to Superclamp UTV tie downs.
2013 - EPISODE 17
AJ's in Montana on a hunting adventure. Then Motorhead Mark takes a closer look at Yamaha's 700 Viking.
2013 - EPISODE 16
Luke takes his first spin aboard the all-new Polaris RZR XP 1000. Then looks at Yamaha's Viking. AJ's back at MBRP, then Luke rides Arctic Cat's Wildcat X.
2013 - EPISODE 14
Luke compares the 2013 Scrambler 850 HO and Renegade 1000 X xc, AJ's at the track riding Yamaha's 2014 YFZ450R, then we start the design process of our RZR XP exhaust from MBRP
2013 - EPISODE 12
AJ's riding in West Yellowstone, then Luke's at MBRP looking at a new exhaust for our Polaris RZR XP 900.
2013 - EPISODE 11
Luke evaluates three of the biggest sport SXS models for 2013 and Motorhead Mark evaluates Arctic Cat's HDX utility side-x-side.
2013 - EPISODE 09
We take a look back at Arctic Cat's SXS history, then ride with the crew from Diamondback Truck Covers and test the Outlander 500 and Grizzly 700.
2013 - EPISODE 08
AJ's at the introduction of Can-Am's 2014 lineup and Luke rides Can-Am's 2013 Maverick X rs. Then Motorhead Mark looks at Triton trailers.
2013 - EPISODE 06
Luke looks at the Maverick's Torsional Trailing A-arm rear suspension. Then Mark rides the 2013 RZR 570 Trail and Luke rides Kymco's MXU 500i ATV. Finally, AJ looks at Diamondback truck covers.
2013 - EPISODE 05
We're at the Honda Pioneer 4 Line-off ceremony, then Motorhead Mark looks back at the history of the Scrambler. Luke rides the 2013 Polaris Scrambler 850 HO and then AJ looks at Long Ramps to load your ride into your trailer or truck
2013 - EPISODE 04
AJ and Luke are at Brimstone's White Knuckle event with a group of pals, then Mark rides Arctic Cat's 500 EFI ATV.
2013 - EPISODE 02
We look at Arctic Cat's Wildcat 4 and Wildcat X. Then we're huntin' turkey with Yamaha. AJ adds STI tires and wheels to our RZR 570 Trail and Luke evaluates Can-Am's Outlander 1000 Max XTP.
2013 - EPISODE 01
Luke rides the Hatfield McCoy trail system with the Wheeler Nation Crew and then AJ's aboard the 2013 mid-sized Polaris Ranger 800.
2012 - EPISODE 26
AJ and Luke are riding in Moab and enjoying some adventures out of the office. The AJ installs FOX shocks on our RZR XP 900 and hits the trails.
2012 - EPISODE 25
Motorhead Mark walks us through Cat's 700cc sport ute and Luke rides Yamaha's Grizzly 300. Then AJ puts his Camoplast 4S track kit to the ultimate test.
2012 - EPISODE 23
Luke gets his first spin aboard the Can-Am Maverick, then he evaluates Arctic Cat's 45o EFI sport utility ATV.
2012 - EPISODE 22
Luke and AJ are in West Virginia with Motorhead Mark attending Hatfield McCoy's TRAILFEST celebration, then Motorhead Mark rides Yamaha's 700 Fuel Injected Rhino.
2012 - EPISODE 20
Luke rides with a club to get their interesting perspective on the sport, then hops aboard Honda's legendary racer the TRX 450R. Then he looks at how Can-Am seems driven to dominate the horsepower war.
2012 - EPISODE 19
Luke's at the unveiling of Can-Am's all-new Maverick. Then Luke is aboard the Polaris X2 and AJ rides the Honda Rancher AT.
2012 - EPISODE 16
We shootout Can-Am's Outlander 1000 against Polaris' Sportsman 850 XP. Then we look at Polaris' 2013 lineup and then Luke's at the track aboard Honda's TRX 400X pure sport ATV.
2012 - EPISODE 17
AJ is going tactical and shootin' some guns just outside Phoenix Arizona at a facility called Gunsite. Then Motorhead Mark rides Polaris' 500 Sportsman Classic.
2012 - EPISODE 14
Luke rides with Honda USA sponsored racer Beau Baron. Then Cody Martin hops inside the Polaris RZR 170 and Luke hits the trails aboard Can-Am's 2012 Renegade Xxc.
2012 - EPISODE 11
Luke rides Kymco's 450 MXU and AJ does a bit more work to our project Ranger. Then we take our rig into The Garage for an overhaul!
2012 - EPISODE 10
Luke and Mark are at the 2013 Polaris Ranger 900 XP intro. Then in Luke rides Can-Am's Spyder Roadster and Mark rides the 2012 Ranger 500 EFI.
2012 - EPISODE 8
We shootout the RZR XP 900 and the Wildcat 1000 HO. Then Mark rides the 2012 Sportsman XP 850 HO EPS and AJ installs a Dalton clutch kit on our Outlander.
2012 - EPISODE 7
Luke's riding the Hatfield McCoy trail system with the team from Diamondback Truck Covers. Then AJ roosts Can-Am's Commander 800 XT.
2012 - EPISODE 5
AJ and John Arkwright are in Quebec on a fishing getaway. Then Luke rides Yamaha's 700 Grizzly.
2012 - EPISODE 4
Motorhead Mark recounts Polaris' offroad history, then Luke rides the Wildcat 1000 and looks at 4-up UTVs, then AJ looks at Diamondback Truck Covers.
2012 - EPISODE 2
AJ's at the 2013 Can-Am intro, Luke looks at the emergence of 4-seater UTVs and then rides Kawasaki's Teryx4 and then Mark rides the RZR 570.
2012 - EPISODE 1
Luke's in Moab at the Arctic Cat sponsored Rally on the Rocks. Then AJ pushes Can-Am's Outlander 1000 XT to the limit and then we break down the real benefits of low range.
2011 - EPISODE 26
Motorhead Mark examines the 2012 Commander 1000 Limited and Luke's rides Honda's 680 Rincon. Then AJ looks at Camoplast track kits and the guys look back of some of the highlights from this season.