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Dear Motorhead:

I’m looking to upgrade my ride and I’d like to ask you and the viewers which ATV – the
Grizzly 700 or KingQuad 750.

I’m looking for a bike that is reliable and capable on the trail, I don’t need the biggest or the baddest.



Thanks for your email!

We get a jillion emails a year asking similar Q’s to yours and I am going to have to give you a similar answer without any info on how you ride, dealers in your area etc.

The KQ and Grizz are somewhat comparable however the KQ is actually a design from the middle 00’s – it really hasn’t changed in years.

The Grizz has gone through a couple variations and upgrades which have seen improvements in power, suspension over-all comfort and function.

Having said that – a dealer you can get along with, can get access to easily and can meet your expectations will be the most important decision you make regarding this purchase.

Long after the newness has worn off and something goes sideways you’ll wish you had a dealer close by that “gets it”. You are the only one who can answer this Q.

Hope this helps,

Motorhead Mark

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