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DIRT TRAX TV 2021 – FULL Episode 8

World Champion figure skater and Olympic Silver Medalist for Canada Elvis Stojko and Dean McDermott who is known for his role as Host of Chopped Canada joined AJ and Luke for a day of riding the trails in Ontario Canada. Not only are both guys are die-hard Motorhead enthusiast and fans of the show, they’re just awesome guys; really friendly and outgoing so we immediately hit it off. Elvis brought his Can-Am Maverick X3 DS Turbo RR and Dean’s RZR XP1000 and we hit a variety of trails and conditions to put these vehicles to the test. Elvis’ Maverick X3 is outfitted with a 2:1 steering quickener, which give you twice the output at the wheels over the same input out of the stock steering and makes the Maverick handle like a go-cart. To further aide the front rack on his X3 Elvis also added a Hess Rack support to improve bump steer and eliminate play in the steering wheel and opted for the Hess quick release steering wheel hub and one of the multiple Hess steering wheels they offer online to get the wheel right where he likes it. Then, Special Correspondent Matt Lester tests the capabilities of Yamaha’s Wolverine RMAX 1000 UTVs in some of the most scenic and challenging terrain we’ve experienced.


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