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The makers of SUPER-CLAMP have partnered with Kimpex – one of Canada’s largest distributors – to make its unique SUPER-GLIDES system available on Kimpex brand tri-fold aluminum ramps.

Now loading and unloading snowmobiles, ATVs, snow blowers and power equipment from your truck bed or trailer is safer and easier than ever before.

The ramp kit comes complete with four 8.5-inch wide x 30-inch glides plus all the necessary hardware and the glides install easily with just a rivet gun.

SUPER-GLIDES offer considerable traction for loading and unloading equipment and provide sure-footedness while walking up and down the ramp.

As mud and snow can make smooth metal surfaces very slippery, the high-traction surface of the glide delivers better grip for your boot with each step. It also grips firmly to tires and tracks to make driving up and down the ramp quicker with less risk of sliding.

The light-weight, 50 inch-wide aluminum ramp has a capacity of 1,500 pounds and folds down to a mere 16 inches for easy storage in the back of your truck and won’t take up valuable space in your garage.

For more information visit Kimpex.com.

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