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Henceforth, whoever holds an open account with Atelier Adrien Bernard (AAB) can become a dealer of Trailbloc, Powerbloc and Invance products.

The obligation to carry a minimum inventory in order to supply these replacement CVTs for snowmobiles and ATVs is over. Furthermore, retail prices were revised downwards and dealer profit margins upwards.

Since acquiring Atelier Adrien Bernard, CVTech-IBC has access to a distribution network with ramifications throughout Canada. Moreover, by making AAB its official distributor, CVTech-IBC eliminates a “middleman” from the distribution chain of its products.

This new distribution network will allow CVTech-IBC to increase its market share and have Trailbloc, Powerbloc and Invance products to stand out as The Replacement CVTs providing the best quality-price ratio.

“Our CVTs are still covered by the best warranty on the market ― 2 years or 5,000 kilometers. Also, rest assured, we will continue to provide you with customer service which meets your expectations and your orders will be processed and shipped as quickly as possible”, emphasizes Jean-Paul Servant, Sales Manger for CVTech-IBC.

All information about Trailbloc, Powerbloc and Invance products can be found in the new CVTech AAB catalog. Ordering can also be done on the Web at or by phone at (800) 518-7220.

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