Bombardier Outlander 800 Carries Home The Trophy

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Our choice of a winner here asks the question: “Is power the most important criteria for winning this class?”.

Although many would disagree, common sense tells us power is the main ingredient driving buyers into the Big Bore category. Otherwise, given the current selection of competent 400 to 500cc ATV offerings, why would so many be buying something bigger?

If power is number one here, then we have to be highly critical of other features like ride, handling and the ATV’s load of amenities. The Outlander 800 is good enough to win this class even if it had less horsepower.

Its 4-wheel drive system is advanced, innovative and works impeccably. Its rear suspension is flat-out terrific and although its handling is not at the top of the heap, it delivers decent results for a large percentile of the public.

Its light spar frame, incredible Visc-Lock front differential, inboard brakes and unique rear suspension/sway bar design set it apart from the crowd with truly out-of-the-box thinking. Everything fades into the background when you squeeze the Outlander’s throttle.

There’s amazing power and torque available anywhere in its limitless power band. No Sport Utility ATV has ever performed like this one and it requires an intermediate to expertly skilled rider to harness it. This is the Porsche Cayenne of ATVs and it’s a winner.

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