Can-Am Side-by-Side Theories

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Rumors have accelerated about a new Pure Sport SxS UTV from Can-Am. In fact, hardly a day goes by without another story or sighting.

Here’s what we know – the engine/drivetrain may be based on a system used by the Ski-Doo division at BRP to drive a rather unique vehicle called the “Elite”. This twin tracked snowmobile positioned the driver and passenger similarly to a UTV and used a ji-normous 3-cylinder 4-stroke for motivation.

The recently out-of-production Elite was built for only two model years this decade. The Elite’s CVT based drive system would be completely workable in our estimation in a wild Pure Sport UTV application.

Don’t look for a fuddy-dud utility side-by-side from Can-Am. BRP has been true to its word since announcing its mantra: to ‘not produce anything that isn’t fun and the best performing in its class’.

We think best-in-class means most powerful. Stay tuned.

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