Four Talons Return for 2021 Model Year

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American Honda announced today that four Talon sport side-by-side models—the two-seat Talon 1000R and 1000X, as well as the four-seat Talon 1000X-4 and 1000X-4 FOX® Live Valve are returning for the 2021 model year. These popular side-by-sides join the new two-seat FOX Live Valve versions that were introduced in February. All four of the newly announced 2021 Talons are offered in striking updated colors.

Since the launch of the original two-seat Talon 1000R and 1000X in spring of 2019, Honda has already built a loyal following among customers who appreciate the performance, technology and reliability that the platform has introduced to the sport side-by-side category.

Those two-seat Talons were followed last fall by a pair of four-seat versions, which extended the Talon experience to additional family and friends. One of them also featured advanced semi-active suspension, technology that was passed along to a pair of two-seat 2021 Talons just a few months later.

“It has been gratifying to see customers’ reception of the Talon platform,” said Lee Edmunds, Senior Manager of Powersports Marketing at American Honda. “It’s only been just over a year since its introduction, and the models are already firmly established as popular choices in the sport side-by-side market. With the Talon 1000X, 1000R, 1000X-4 and 1000X-4 FOX Live Valve returning to the lineup in new colors, customers have six great options for experiencing the ‘Life is Better Side-by-Side’ culture in 2021.”

All 2021 Honda Talon models are available now, hold for the Talon 1000X-4 FOX Live Valve, which will be available in October.


With its 64.0-inch width, and suspension travel measuring 14.6 and 15.1 inches front and rear, respectively, the Talon 1000X is at its best on technical trails that reward maneuverability and precision, yet it performs admirably in a broad range of conditions. A 3 Link rear-suspension system and a double-wishbone front design work with four 2.0-inch-body Fox Podium Quick Switch 3 shocks with 5/8-inch shafts, as well as a one-piece frame that delivers a controlled, confidence-inspiring ride by retaining consistent geometry even when pushed hard.

The performance-tuned, 999cc parallel-twin power plant has a four-valve Unicam® design, and it works with an advanced Dual Clutch Transmission (a Honda exclusive in powersports), which has a pair of automatic modes (Drive and Sport) plus Manual. Another Honda exclusive—the i-4WD brake traction control system—manages the amount of slip between the front wheels for unmatched grip in inconsistent traction conditions.

By using Hill Start Assist when stopped on an ascent or descent, the driver can temporarily hold the vehicle in place to simplify the resumption of forward motion. For 2021, the Talon 1000X is available in a striking Metallic Orange/Metallic Gray color combination.

Color: Metallic Orange/Metallic Gray
Price: $19,999


Like the 1000X, the Talon 1000R is amazingly adaptable to different conditions, but it’s particularly impressive where bump absorption and high-speed tracking are prioritized. That’s partially due to its 68.4-inch width (4.4 inches wider than its sibling), 92.7-inch wheelbase (5 inches longer), and suspension system; while the front has a double-wishbone layout, the rear is a 4+ Link configuration, while the shocks are Fox Podium QS3 units with 2.5-inch bodies.

At 17.7 and 20.1 inches front and rear, respectively, suspension travel is 3.1 and 5 inches more than on the 1000X. The Talon 1000R also has an eye-catching new Pearl White color.

Color: Pearl White
Price: $20,999

TALON 1000X-4

Offered in a new Metallic Gray color, the Talon 1000X-4 is a four-seat sport side-by-side with a unique stadium rear-seating arrangement that places back passengers inboard and higher compared to the front seats, resulting in an engaging, social experience for everyone.

The 1000X-4 has the same Fox Podium Quick Switch 3 shocks as the two-seat 1000X (allowing fast and simple three-position adjustment), except those at the rear have 2.5-inch bodies. Also shared from the two-seater are the 999cc Unicam engine, the Dual Clutch Transmission, i-4WD, Hill Start Assist and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution.

Color: Metallic Gray
Price: $21,999

TALON 1000X-4 FOX Live Valve

Start with the Talon 1000X-4 platform, add semi-active electronic suspension developed in a collaboration between Honda, Fox and Bosch, and the result is the Talon 1000X-4 FOX Live Valve—a flagship four-seat sport side-by-side that pushes the envelope in terms of technology and performance.

The system, which features Normal and Sport suspension modes, crunches data from a multitude of sensors and adjusts all four shocks 16 times per second, result in an incredible ride and unmatched handling, with minimal body roll and stellar high-speed tracking in rough terrain. Front and rear travel are 14.4 and 15.0 inches, respectively, and all four shocks have 2.5-inch bodies.

This model, which is now offered in Pearl White, also comes standard with electronic Launch Mode for lightning-quick, full-throttle acceleration off the line.

Color: Pearl White/Pearl Red
Price: $23,999

ABOUT AMERICAN HONDA – American Honda Motor Co., Inc., is the sole distributor of Honda motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and Side-by-Sides in the United States. American Honda’s Powersports Division conducts the sales, marketing and operational activities for these products through independent authorized Honda retail dealers.

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