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Park an all-terrain truck next to a fleet of regular 4-wheelers and it’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Fact is, some hardcores are pretty skeptical about whether or not ATTs should even be included under the same umbrella as ATVs.

Once you spend a few days with Yamaha’s Rhino those opinions morph quickly. This unique off-road toy has a lot to offer and, at the very least, it widens the horizons for both fun and utility.

Yamaha broke new ground with the Rhino, performing what looks in hindsight like a blatantly obvious variation on an established concept.

Easy to say when you’re looking at the finished product; not so easy to dream up and execute successfully from scratch.

The Rhino designers incorporated fully independent suspension at all four corners along with long travel plushness and very serious power output from Yamaha’s own Grizzly 660cc single.

Indeed, more than just a salad bar of neat-o features, the Rhino is a magnificently executed symphony of power, ride and handling prowess. Sound corny? It does, but riding the Rhino, or better yet, living with it long term is a very convincing conversion experience.

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