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Recreational ATV riders will be happy to hear that ITP has just released an all-new radial tire line designed specifically for sport-oriented applications.

The new ITP Trac Star tire provides all the benefits of radial tire technology—a super-comfortable ride and exceptional traction over a wide variety of terrain conditions—but with a hard-core sporting personality.

Along with its radial construction, the Trac Star is able to provide its high level of performance by utilizing a unique Z-shaped tread pattern and a natural rubber compound. This results in a tire that provides a significant improvement in cornering and overall handling compared to OEM or other aftermarket replacement choices.

The Trac Star was also designed to be extremely durable—with a 6-ply rating—yet it remains very light in weight. The wide spacing between the knobs means this is one of the best self-cleaning tires on the market making it ideal for muddy conditions.

The rear Trac Star’s staggered tread pattern provides a perfect balance of traction and control that enables it to hold a line confidently as well as slide predictably. The front Trac Star—specifically designed to match with the rear model—rides like an OEM tire but steers like an MX racing-type tire, for excellent ride comfort and precise control.

Perhaps best of all, the Trac Star represents a great value—you won’t find a sport tire this light at the Trac Star’s price anywhere else!

The ITP Trac Star is available for many of today’s popular sport ATV models.

Four rear sizes are available—20/10R-9, 20/10R-10, 22/11R-9 and 22/11R-10—while the front Trac Star comes in three sizes: 21/7R-10, 22/7R-10 and 23/7R-10. Trac Star Kits are also being offered, with front and rear Trac Star tires coming pre-mounted on ITP’s tough .190-wall T-9 Pro Series aluminum wheels—the best of both worlds!

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