Suzuki 450 in the Works… Maybe

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We’ve heard from a very good source Suzuki will build a 4-wheeled variant of their not yet released 450cc RM Series motocross bike.

Suzuki has been relatively slow to respond to the 4-stroke surge in motorcycle motocross but it appears they have no intention of being slow to bring a 4-wheeled racing ATV using the motorcycle’s powerplant to the Pure Sport market.

It’s also strongly rumored the 2005 Quadsport Z400 will be available in a much more serious version this fall.

Look for aluminum bodied front piggy back reservoir shocks, a more serious rear damper and possibly motor enhancements to boost horsepower.

We’ve heard an updated swing arm and more aluminum pieces will be part of the package as well.

In short, there will be a more serious 400Z for the racing/Pure Sport enthusiast.

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