TRIC Accessories Now Available Through Yamaha

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Press Release –

The iconic TRIC brand first introduced by Yamaha Motor Canada in the late 1970’s is being reintroduced to better serve the needs of Canadian motorsport enthusiasts.

TRIC, which stands for; Tested, Reliable, Innovative, and Canadian, represents the highest quality accessories in the industry and will be made available only through our premium Yamaha dealer network.

Similar to the Yamaha’s they will be mounted to, TRIC accessories measure up to the durability and reliability that Canadians demand and provide features and benefits to perform well in our unique environment.

While many powersport accessories are made by foreign companies for use all over the world in many different types of situations, TRIC accessories are developed for and tested in Canada for Canadians.

TRIC accessories have the ability to handle our harsh climate, rugged terrain and high mileage treks.

Starting with the roll out of several new ATV accessories, TRIC brand products will continue to expand and represent select accessories throughout all Yamaha powersport lines.

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