Why Not Go With the Ultimate Kart?

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Trust Bombardier to re-invent the go-kart. By throwing a fleet of engineers and designers at the project, the Rotax Division of Bombardier Recreational Products has come up with one of the most exciting and innovative karts in the history of the sport.

The RM1 is fast! It’s 125cc reed valved 2-stroke uses a controlled exhaust valve to deliver 13,600 RPM at full whack. Power is transferred through a unique two speed chainless transmission operated with shifter paddles located inboard on the steering wheel.

A small digital panel in the center of the wheel tells the driver when the engine is at operating temperature and a red light flashes when optimum RPM is being approached. Formula One or what?

Electric start is standard equipment and the RM1 even backs up! Never heard of a kart backing up? Get ready for this:The Rotax engineers have included an RER (Rotax Electronic Reverse) system which, when selected, makes the engine pause then spin backwards to reverse the kart. When the reverse button is hit again, the engine returns to its normal forward spinning mode.

Innovation doesn’t stop with the driveline. Four tiny Magura hydraulic discs, one at each wheel, provide serious reverse G-force. At the front, the large aerodynamic spoiler has energy absorbing polymer donuts inside which can withstand 7 mph impacts without sustaining damage.

At the rear, a system called RTPS (rear tire protection system) helps remedy the common problem with open wheeled race cars contacting each others wheels and getting airborne. Two vertically mounted mini-rollers mounted behind each rear wheel drives the approaching kart’s wheels downward instead of upwards when contact is made.

Handling is predictable. The brakes are so good, it’s almost impossible to get into trouble. But the G-force and acceleration are flat-out incredible.

After five laps your body is crying for Mommy. Neck, shoulder and elbow joints feel like you’ve been on some medieval torture rack. Your brain synapses have short circuited, your adrenaline level is exploding the veins in your forehead and… you’re loving it.

Check out www.rm1-kart.com

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