Wimmer Walks Away with a Win at Unadilla

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Round 11 of the ATVA Pro MX Series rolled into the beautiful Unadilla Valley Sports Center this weekend. Series regulars Joe Byrd, Jeremy Lawson, and Pat Brown showed up ready to take up the chase for the 2007 championship.

Team MSR/Pro Taper/Suzuki/Yoshimura racer Dustin Wimmer also decided to head up to New Berlin, NY for a great day of racing and relaxing. Wimmer, locked in a points battle with John Natalie in the World PowerSports Association SuperQuad Pro 450 Series was looking to have some fun and see some old friends at this race.

“It was just like old times,” Wimmer said. “It felt good to be back at this series and at Unadilla. I really love this track. My mechanic Farron Dukes flew up, so it was just Farron, my mom, me and my motorhome – no semi. It was fun and kind of relaxing.”

Wimmer brought one of his practice bikes with him as all of his race bikes are in the Yoshimura semi. Farron did a good job getting the Suzuki QuadRacer R450 ready to race as it had a lot of very rough hours on it.

The start of the first moto was red flagged, but at the restart Byrd got the holeshot. Wimmer got off in fourth but quickly worked his way up to second. After a few laps Dustin was hounding Byrd. Around lap five Wimmer past and pulled away from last year’s champion and that was that.

At the start of the second moto Dustin came out second but got past Joe Byrd on the first lap. Dustin got into a comfortable pace and simply motored away from the field. Wimmer ended up winning the second moto with an eight second margin. His 1 -1 scores were good for first overall.

“I felt really comfortable out there today and had fun,” Wimmer said after the race. “I passed Joe in the first lap, got a good lead and just pulled away. The crowd was really cheering me on and was really happy to see someone new out front.”

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