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Say goodbye to back breaking shovelling and make easy work of the deepest drifts with the stress-free installation of the CLICK N GO 2 snow plow from Kimpex.

Ideal for ATVs and UTVs the CLICK N GO 2 is available in 50-inch, 54-inch, 60-inch, 66-inch, 72-inch widths. The quick mount plow system attaches easily and removal is just as simple giving you full-unrestricted clearance when not pushing snow. The large handle aides in installation, removal and angle adjustment.

The dual pivot lift raises the blade a full 16inches off the ground compared to the standard 8-10-inches on conventional plows and the heavy-duty steel poly blade construction withstands the punishment of uneven surfaces and iced sections of snow along with enhanced snow-rolling action.

It’s time to invest in a plow you can trust. The CLICK N GO 2 knows a thing or two about how to get things done – and done right!

For more information on the Click N Go 2 Plow visit Kimpex at

Vern Putzer
Vern Putzer
Vern Putzer is the Producer of Dirt Trax TV and is also a Contributing Editor and Guest Correspondent on the show.

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