Diamondback Bed Cover for the Rhino

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Diamondback is famous for its line of gorgeous bed covers for pickup trucks. These rugged but beautifully finished covers are designed for double duty.

You can close off the contents of your truck bed or utilize the otherwise wasted space on top of the cover for hauling some pretty heavy cargo. In the case of the Rhino cover, the aluminum plate is strong enough to store 400 lbs on top of it, as well as protecting anything that is stored underneath it in the Rhino’s cargo box.

It can be locked for security. The Diamondback cover is made of diamond plate aluminum and uses an external handle that is turned for opening and closing it. Installation time is just an hour or two.

If you’re looking for a neat way to carry your ATVs to your fave riding spots without having to haul a trailer, Diamondback’s truck bed covers come with adequate strength to carry either one or two 4-wheelers on top and an aluminum ramp system for loading both from the side or rear of the truck.

Amazingly innovative and strong!

Visit www.diamondbackrhino.com

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