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Maybe you’ve been noticing the performance of your ATV or SxS’s suspension has been losing some of its ride quality recently.

If you’ve got some spare change in your piggybank, it might be a perfect time to consider upgrading your shocks. While you’ve noticed us upgrading a lot of rideS with Elka’s premium Stage 5 shocks, their Stage 1 shock offerings are nothing short of excellent.

First, Stage 1 Elka’s are model specific. That means they’re tailor-made specifically for your ATV or Side x Side model. Although Stage 1’s are not the ultimate high performance product for say, a racer – they are perfect for recreational sport riders, looking for an immediate improvement in ride quality at trail speeds and occasional high speed running. Elka will even custom tailor the shock valving for your specific weight and riding style.

Stage 1 Elkas are a hard-anodized 36mm diameter HPG aluminum monotube body design. Their internal floating piston engineering with low-friction internals uses Elka’s unique triple sealing system to eliminate gas or oil bypass and bleed-down as you use them.

Threaded spring collars to adjust preload and ride height are the only form of adjustment with this easy-to-use shock upgrade. You won’t need to worry about adjusting damping with clickers because of custom attention Elka pays by custom valving the shocks for the ideal setting for your particular vehicle and rider characteristics.

There’s also a big synthetic snubber at the bottom of the shock shaft to prevent hard bottoming when you use the full extent of your vehicle’s travel.

Beyond the noticeable improvement in ride quality and vehicle control you’ll also notice a reduction in unsprung weight with Stage 1’s, especially if you’re replacing twin tube steel bodied hydraulic or gas cell shocks on your ATV or SxS.

This aftermarket shock upgrade is a perfect example of being able to get a huge change in your off-road vehicle without spending a fortune. We’ve tried them and know you’ll love the difference.


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