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Just as tires wear on your ATV, so do your shocks and replacement isn’t typically noticed until the ride gets really bad.

Replacing the shocks with a direct OE replacement is one option, but there is definitely a better route to go with thanks to Elka.

Designed with the recreational sport-utility quads in mind, Elka’s stage 2 bolt-on shocks offer a considerable upgrade that will greatly improve your quads handling, stability and comfort at an affordable price.

As with all Elka shocks, your money goes beyond just getting an ultra slick set of shocks, your shocks will also be custom valved based on vehicle & rider weight along with characteristics of your riding style and terrain being ridden.

Just like the quality components and craftsmanship found on of higher priced Elka shock, the Stage 2 shocks offer the same technical features of low friction internal components, seal head design and dust wiper, hard anodized finishing and ultra light design.

Adjustment on Stage 2 shocks come in the form of threaded spring retainer and rebound damping control. The red anodized spring retainer can be adjusted for fine tuning balance and weight distribution across the front and rear wheels while the rebound damping control can be adjusted to optimize keep your wheels on the ground for maximum traction and reducing the bucking effect caused by the spring pressure pushing back after an impact.

For more information on Elka’s full line of shock abosorbers visit elkasuspension.com

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