EPI Clutch Kit

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Any time you add larger tires you mess with the stock gearing ratios and can pretty much cancel out any gains made by new rubber. EPI knows its stuff and have extensive experience with both ATVs and snowmobiles.

This kit comes complete with noticeably beefier primary and secondary springs, better rollers and a new belt. The easy-to-follow instructions make the installation a breeze and there’s also a list of all the tools you’ll need prior to installation so you can be assured you aren’t running out for a socket halfway through the install.

We installed our EPI kit on a 66 Grizzly. TIP: Make sure you have a 27mm socket on hand to remove the nut holding the primary clutch in place. This procedure might require compressed air.

Also note that if you intend to do any clutch work in the future, invest in one of EPI’s Clutch Compression Tools (Part #CCT500). This tool is a must for relieving the pressure on the secondary to get the spring off safely. It’s an inexpensive tool to ensure you can safely complete this and any future projects.

Visit ErlandsonpPerformance.com.

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