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One of the most popular and probably the most practical aftermarket products you can invest in is a new set of tires for your ATV. Even the OEMs realize the value of good rubber and in some instances offer an upgraded tire on “premium” packaged units.

However, if you want to make your current ride look and act like one of these premium models for significantly less than a brand new ATV, you can improve your ride quality and your overall riding experience with a set of new tires from GBC Motorsports.

For avid trail riders, GBC Motorsports has developed the DIRT TAMER tire with a beefy non-directional tread pattern that works amazingly well over all kinds of terrain. The Dirt Tamer bites into terra firma delivering excellent traction over rocky surfaces and when climbing steep slopes. Leaving the rider as sure-footed as a mountain goat.

The Dirt Tamer’s heavy-duty 6-ply construction resists punctures you might encounter on the trails from sharp rock edges or roots and its tread lugs run deep into the reinforced side-walls so you’re assured the best grip over slippery surfaces.

If your current tires just aren’t grabbing like you think they should or your tires are looking more like inner tubes, investing in new rubber is one way to ensure you’ll continue to enjoy the trails this season.

Visit today to find the right size tire for your ATV.

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