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AJ’s been plugging away on our project commander for the entire season showing you step by step some of the amazing aftermarket products we’ve added to this ride.

One area that we never forget about when shopping for aftermarket accessories is the right tire and for this project, we think we found a winner…well four winners.

Our intention was to find a tire that would stand up to the abuse of hard sport riding, while also handling big acceleration, big air and big braking.

GBC Motorsports came to the table with the sweetest set of Grim Reaper’s featuring an aggressive, zig-zag center pattern with deep wrap around shoulder lugs that that scream traction at every rotation.

When a tire receives a side load going through a corner or ripping a berm, these wrap around shoulder lugs will continue to grip the ground and power the vehicle through.

8-ply radial construction means this is a tough tire that can take the abuse and additional weight a side-x-side carries and will deliver the grip and traction you need when things get sloppy out on your ride.

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