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We’ve really come to love our Polaris General as a vehicle that delivers a great balance between work and play. But can you ever have enough “play” in the equation? We think not.

HCR, which is an industry leader in long travel suspension systems, has developed a + 5 kit for the Polaris General which adds 10-inch of overall track width and 2-inches of wheel base for handling, stability and overall performance. The high clearance front arms offer also offer 1.25-inches of additional height for a total of 13.25-inches of ground clearance.

Made from the same custom alloy as the popular Elite Kit, which boast 30% stronger tensile and yield strength, you have the confidence to you push the General to its limits knowing it can take the abuse.

The clever design also makes use of OEM balljoints to increase low speed steering and travel with minimal maintenance and 4130 heat-treated billet balljoint receivers are used instead of tubing for additional strength. Further thought went into the lower shock mounts with use a J-arm style mount that allows for longer stroke shocks and more travel.

Offered with the package from HCR are custom valved 2.5-inch diameter King Shocks which offers 20 position compression clickers along with 30-inches more range of adjustment over conventional shocks. We opted to go with Elka Stage 5 shocks for the added adjustment of high and low speed compression along with rebound adjustment.

For more information on HCR long travel suspension kits visit them at: hcrracing.com

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