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The Terra Trac T/G Max is for the pickup truck owner who occasionally wants grip for playing in the mud but also rides the pavement on a regular basis.

The commercial grade tire compound is super-tough with a cut and chip compound built into it so that the sidewall and tread doesn’t cut and chip like some off-road M/T tires have been known to do.

The T/G Max’s aggressive appearance gives your truck that tough look but doesn’t sacrifice on-road ride quality, handling, noise or traction. These tires are going to get the tough jobs done but they are also going to provide that desired ride for everyday use on the road – smooth and quiet.

Over the years, the DIRT TRAX crew has ridden on many varieties of A/T and M/T tires and the Hercules Terra Trac T/G Max tires have proven to be “exceptionally quiet”.

These tires are especially great for work sites or wherever you’re going to be abusing your tires day in and day out.

“The Terra Trac T/G Max is a very civilized tire that can go out and do more”. – Luke Lester

Visit herculestire.com

Matt Lester
Matt Lester
Matt Lester is an Account Manager for Dirt Trax TV. He is also a Contributing Editor and Guest Correspondent on the show focusing on tourism & adventure segments.

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