Infocus Tool Crown and Tool Cube

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The first step in doing the job right is having the right tool. The caveat to all this is making sure you can find the right tool you need in the first place.

Infocus manufacturing understands this all to well and they have produced an extremely well priced and functional modular tool storage system. Made from heavy duty 20 gauge Galvanized Steel, the Infocus system is comprised of a top tool storage chest called the crown and modular lower cube cabinets. The two storage systems can be assembled together all at once or over time as you grow your tool collection.

The tool crown holds over 500 tool pieces and features red and blue color coated wrench and socket hangers for organizing Metric and Standard tools. Mounted on wheels for mobile storage the tool cube can also be outfitted with the cube divider kit, which is made durable polymer and has multiple compartments that slide for adjustable configurations.

Precisely measured cube liners can also be purchased to keep tools protected and held in place.

You can find the Infocus Tool Crown and Tool Cube storage systems at

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