ITP Launches 14 Inch Tire & Wheel Kits

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ITP proves they are the leader in the ATV market yet again with the big Indianapolis Dealer Expo launch of its most recent product; 14” tires (Mud Lite XTR Tires, wheels (C-Series Type 7 Aluminum Wheels) and kits (Mud Lite XTR Kits). When ATV riders thought their vehicles couldn’t get any hotter, ITP’s advanced thinking meets both the needs and wants of the 2005 ATV enthusiast.

The Indianapolis Powersports Dealer Expo is the largest dealer event in the powersports industry within North America. Suppliers, distributors and dealers from across the continent come together to work deals, negotiate pricing, launch new lines, etc. ITP made the big announcement and product launch of their new 14” tires, wheels and kits, on the first day of the event (February 19th, 2005), driving in tons of visitor to their booth. As the largest distributor of ITP in Canada, MOTOVAN was the first distributors on the scene to learn all the details of this new and innovative product:

C-Series Type 7 Aluminum Wheels
These all new, lightweight aluminum wheels incorporate a six-window design that build on all of the advantages that have made the ITP C-Series wheel famous. Their innovative 14” diameter results in a lower tire sidewall, providing a whole new level of handling and performance due to reduced sidewall flex. Other features of the C-Series Type 7 aluminum wheels include a bright, machined finish and a tough clear coat for lasting good looks.

Mud Lite XTR Tires (Xtreme Terrain Radial)
The Mud Lite XTR Tires are the industry’s first Xtreme Terrain Radial tire. Developed through extensive research and development, the Mud Lite XTR combines the award winning technology of both the Mud Lit and the 589 M/S tire to produce the smoothest riding mud tire on the market. Super aggressive tread, light weight, and a radial construction, this revolutionary 14” tire is an excellent all round trail/mud choice. Lower profile sidewalls results in less flex and a dramatic improvement in handling and rider confidence.

Mud Lite XTR Kits
Combining the Mud Lite XTR tires and the C-Series Type 7 wheels will provide ATV riders with the single biggest improvement in handling of your sport/utility ATV. These kits will provide the smoothest, most confidence-inspiring ride you will ever find in a mud oriented trail tire. Developed and tested on the latest independent rear suspension ATV models, ITP’s Mud Lite XTR kits demonstrate dramatic improvements in handling, ride, traction, braking and durability.

“ITP’s new C-Series Type 7, 14” aluminum wheel and Mud Lite XTR tires have pushed the boundaries of the ATV riding experience. Improved handling, new levels of steering control, paired with an awesome look; this will be a huge seller for both ITP and MOTOVAN” quotes Fred Mercier. “With the recent rise in popularity of various reality TV vehicle (motorcycle/car/etc.) modification shows, the general population as well as powersports enthusiasts are more into supping-up their rides than ever before. 14” wheels and low profile tires are exactly what the ATV market has been waiting for.”

For more details on the C-Series Type 7 aluminum wheels, Mud Lite XTR tires or the Mud Lite XTR kits, please see your local powersports dealer and ask to see the MOTOVAN 2005 MOTO Catalog, scheduled for release in the next few weeks.

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