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If you’re like us, you’re always trying to find ways to increase the storage and overall usefulness of your ATV.

The folks at Kimpex were faced with the same challenges and back in 2017 unveiled what they described as the latest novelty for quad enthusiasts – the NOMAD rear trunk box.

Beyond its impressive 115 Litre of internal storage capacity, one of the key design features that stands out with the NOMAD trunk box is its modularity.

The NOMAD trunk offers a wide variety of configurations and can be adapted to any situation. The top lids can be removed in a few seconds to be used as an open toolbox or to carry oversized items.

Flat areas on the lid surfaces combined with lots of tie-down points make for quick securement of additional cargo and the rear gas tank bracket easily accommodates a 5 Litre gas can.

The “PLUS” designation represents a version that provides added comfort for passengers, including improved padding, more comfortable seating position, hand deflectors along with easy access storage pockets and a dividers to compartmentalize the inside of the trunk.

Key Features:

– Loading capacity of 115 litres (ex., 2 off-road helmets and many tools);
– Modular and easily removable side compartments to store bigger equipment or for direct access:
– Gas tank bracket at the rear of the trunk
– Several attachment points to easily secure the content with straps
– Secure and sturdy locking mechanism
– Superior comfort and ergonomics (angle of handles, back and seat)
– Access door to quickly reach inside the trunk box even when seated
– Quick and easy installation
– Airtight and watertight to prevent water and dust infiltration
– Compatible with all 1-seater ATV models ​

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