Kimpex Portable Electric Winch

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There is no doubt one of the most useful accessories of any ATV or UTV is the winch. The only problem, it’s not necessarily the most versatile for situations outside of its working area.

The quick solution is a portable winch and Kimpex has you covered. Great for construction, pipe fitting, iron work, equipment/plant maintenance, auto shops, garages, and machine shops.

Also ideal for farm and ranch use, home improvement, hunting, camping and more. The 2,500 pound capacity portable electric winch connects to an external source with minimum 300 W input power via the included power battery cables.

Its heavy duty 5.4 mm gauge steel cable reaches 30ft in length and the included remote control makes easy work of winching tasks.


* 2500 pounds capacity
* Remote control included
* Hand crank for manual use
* Include power battery cables
* Heavy duty 5.4 mm gage steel cable of 30ft/9m of lengh
* 12 V DC motor, 25 amps, 300 W input power
* Accessories bag included

For more information on the Kimpex portable electric winch and to view the complete line of product offerings visit

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