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So, you just bought a side x side and you’re excited to get out and ride, but all your buddies like to travel to the best ride destinations and you don’t have a trailer. Well truth is you don’t need one.

Mad Ramps has an answer which is simple to use and incredibly versatile. We’ve shown you the MR1400 system in the past allowing you to haul a vehicle up to 1400 pounds but now the system has evolved and is pushing those hauling numbers further, opening the possibilities for what your truck can carry.

Introducing the MR2000 Mad Ramp system designed for pick-up trucks with a 2.5-inch hitch receiver found on 2500 and 3500 series HD trucks.

The MR2000 stands for Mad Ramps 2000 lbs and allows us to haul a vehicle up to 2,000 lbs with nothing more than this ramp system and a 2.5-inch hitch equipped pick-up truck.

The beauty of Mad ramps is the way you get both the ramps for loading and unloading and the extended bed space for longer side by sides.

With the extra capacity those of you with flat deck equipped trucks can also now carry side x sides up to 64 inches wide. We managed to squeeze in a Maverick Sport Max measuring 60 inches in width into the back of our F250 long box!

Installation of the mad ramps system is straight forward and once it’s all installed using the system is easy. The ramps self-stow and you can even adjust the height of the kit depending on the terrain you’re using your truck in.

When not in use the ramps are stowed in a forward position so they can’t move and are locked in place with a spring assisted lock. When it’s time to load you simply unlock the ramps and lock them in the extended position, tilt the Mad ramps to the ground and drive up. When your rear tires go over centre you lock the end pins in place and stow the ramps.

That’s it – that’s all, you’re ready to roll. The system even has two LED brake and turn signal lights under the ramps for increased visibility.

The Mad ramp can be sued for Golf carts, ATVs or side-x-sides and is truly a versatile system allowing you to take your toy along with you without the need for a trailer that requires registration, insurance and a big spot to park it both at home and when you get to your destination.

For more information on Mad Ramps full line of products visit

Vern Putzer
Vern Putzer
Vern Putzer is the Producer of Dirt Trax TV and is also a Contributing Editor and Guest Correspondent on the show.

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