McGard Customized Locking Lug Nuts

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It’s too bad the world has come to this, however reality tells us if a low-life will jack your trucks wheels, they’ll sure as heck jack the meats from your side-x-side or ATV.

Thankfully there’s a company that’s been thwarting this activity for decades in the automotive realm and their name is synonymous with quality and theft prevention – McGard.

Here’s one of the best ATV/SXS accessories we’ve seen in 2013 – the McGard custom engraved locking lug nut set.

These are the same uber hardened, individually keyed, mega-chrome plated McGard quality locking nuts you can purchase for your truck, but are now available in sizes to fit all popular SXS and ATV applications.

McGard can laser engrave pretty much any pattern (provided it’ll fit) on the top of their beautifully crafted locking lug nuts. Check out the image here of the legendary DirtTrax logo engraved on this set – – Suh-weeet!

Here’s the deal. A set of these high quality, long lasting, literally theft proof lug nuts are mandatory for your wheeler if you’ve installed aftermarket wheels.

Hey, even if you’re riding on stock wheels peace of mind is worth the price of a set of McGard’s – isn’t it?

Contact McGard before some crook interrupts your otherwise stellar riding season!


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