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The generally recommended foot wear for riding ATVs is an over the ankle boot that provide protection for your feet, legs, ankles.

Boots specifically designed for motocross or ATV riding will last longer and protect better than construction boots or rubber boots and provide significantly more protection.

Moose’s M1 Boot weighs only 3 and a half pounds so you don’t feel like you’re lugging around ankle weights while you cruise down your local trail system.

Featuring a leather upper coated in polyurethane and a contoured polyurethane shin plate and ankle plate, the M1’s strengthened exterior resists impact and abrasion and provides additional protection for your feet and lower legs.

Also, to protect your inner leg from extreme engine temperatures, there’s a split-grain leather calf guard that is resistant to heat.

The four polycarbonate two-position latching buckles that lock down the polyurethane closure straps allow you to adjust the tightness of your boot at different heights on your leg to maximize comfort and to eliminate wiggling or excessive movement of the boot while you’re riding.

Another great feature that we’ve come to appreciate is this boot is available with two different tread patterns. An MX sole used mainly for track riding and ATV sole featuring a more aggressive tread design that will allow you to maintain a good grip on your foot-pegs even when you’ve been through some serious muck pits.

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