Motovan Exclusive Canadian Distributor of EVS

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Motovan, one of Canada’s leading distributors, exporters and manufacturers of powersports parts and accessories, has climbed on board with EVS Sports, the industry leader in advanced technology and innovation, to become their exclusive long term Canadian distributor.

Both companies are excited to build upon their already successful and established working relationship throughout this long-standing venture.

“We are very excited at the opportunity to work closely with EVS,” says Mario Peloquin, Purchasing Director for Motovan. “EVS is a key player in off-road protection and we look forward to servicing our dealers in Canada with their wide and competitively priced product range.” also says Peloquin.

Motovan, The Source for Powersports Parts and Accessories, imports, exports, distributes and manufactures after-market replacement parts and accessories for motorized recreational vehicles.

Motovan is one of the Canadian leaders in the distribution of these parts and accessories, boasting one of the largest networks of powersports dealers in Canada.

Motovan focuses on: building and maintaining one of the largest Canadian dealer networks, strong leadership and customer service excellence. These key elements, paired with exclusive Canadian distribution rights on some of the most prestigious brands recognized in the powersports industry are what have ensured Motovan’s position as one of the industry leaders for the past 25 years.

The decision to become the exclusive Canadian distributor of EVS products is surely a step in the right direction for both companies as Motovan’s clearly proven track record has resulted in great success for each entity so far.

According to Todd Lentz, EVS’ Director of Sales, “EVS Sports has been focused on the safety of athletes for over 25 years now. So many of our products are instrumental to the sports that we support and have paved the way for success, safety and overall peace of mind. Our complete product line, which grows bigger and better year after year, enhances each specific sport in its very own way by serving the needs and wants of those looking for the best safety products possible. We pride ourselves on the decision to select Motovan as our exclusive Canadian distributor. The impact they have on the Canadian market is absolutely amazing and we cannot wait to capitalize on the opportunities there.”

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