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If you’re looking for great bag to carry your documents and paperwork along with your laptop and devices to work or for air travel, look no further.

The ThinkTank Messenger bag from Projekt is a beautifully crafted, sleek, over-the-shoulder bag that can hold just about everything you’d need to get your work done.

There’s a soft, fur-lined laptop sleeve with a velcro strap that will hold your laptop securely without scratching its surface while taking it in and out for use.

There’s also room in the divided pocket of the main compartment to hold folders, documents, magazines or a book or two and the body is rigid enough that your documents won’t fold or get crushed.

While on your shoulder, items are ergonomically within reach and the zippered quick-stash pocket can be accessed to grab your wallet or key and the concealed tablet pocket on the side is great for holding your iPad or eReader.

The shoulder strap is manufactured from premium 2-inch seatbelt webbing and the cushioned padding rests comfortably on your shoulder.

There’s also a Recoil Handle System in case you need to hold the bag like a briefcase and when not in use, the handled recoil back into a hidden pocket out of view.

Projekt has a number of really great products to suit a wide range of luggage needs. Visit for more information.

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