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Check out these sweet sunglasses from Smith Optics. The Rosewood is an ultra-cool aviator/navigator style frame blending the classic attributes of both.

There’s even a subtle Smith logo adorning each arm that blends in seamlessly and adds to the trendy and elegant mystique of this frame.

There are eight base carbonic lens options available in polarized and non-polarized all featuring Smith’s TLT Optics technology.

Tapered Lens Technology is the solution to the visual distortion that occurs with regular glasses when light passes through an aggressively bowed lens. By progressively tapering the lens from optical center towards the outer edge, light waves reach the eye directly delivering true optical clarity.

Even if you’re not a huge Tom Cruise fan, Top Gun was a pretty awesome flick and now anyone can feel like Maverick. Throw a pair of Rosewood glasses on your face and you might feel the need for speed too.


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