ShockStrap Military Grade Ratchet Strap

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ShockStrap’s newest line of unique tie down straps is its military grade units considered the most capable, most durable and most heavy-duty straps the company has ever produced.

Available in 2-inch and 1.5-inch widths, these straps are built using American made polyester webbing with a breaking strength of over 3,000 pounds for the 1.5-inch wide and over 10,000 pounds for the 2-inch wide version.

The ratchets and elastomers are bolted together with tough and durable grade 8 hardware and are also replaceable with parts available right from ShockStrap.

All metal parts are Yellow Zinc coated and each end of the strap has an integrated soft loop for maximum versatility in tie down locations.

A tie down strap will live or die by its ratchet mechanism and this one is so smooth and crisp for superior ease of use.

The military grade straps have a working load limits of 1,000 and 3,333 pounds and the 1.5-inchers are available in 7 and 15 foot lengths while the 2-inch Military grade tie-downs, which begin shipping January 2020, are available in 9, 12, 18 and 27 foot lengths.

The big straps have either oversized double hooks or snap hooks on either end and the smaller straps have clip hooks. Both feature soft loops on their ends and feature a standard auxiliary safety strap.

ShockStraps are fully rebuildable and stock a full line of replacement parts including straps, elastomers and even the ratchets themselves essentially making these the last straps you’ll ever have to buy.

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