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SPOT X not only offers a life-saving SOS feature that literally calls in the cavalry to your exact location but also offers 2-way GPS messaging, allowing you to send and receive text messages.

While GPS messaging takes longer than a typical cell phone the beauty is its service area… literally anywhere you can get a GPS signal.

Family and friends can also watch your progress via Google Maps interface with a breadcrumb trail left at intervals of your choosing.

You can message to a cell phone number or e-mail address and also send social media updates so others can track your journey. Add to this a built in compass for navigation, backlit keyboard/display and a 10 days-worth lithium battery life with breadcrumbs at 10 minute intervals and you can safely roam free but never be without a lifeline.

The SPOT X will take a beating, is waterproof and doesn’t mind being dropped in the mud or buried in sand.

With month to month service plans you don¬ít have to buy a year’s subscription but rather tailor your service to your adventures.

This truly is a life saving device with over 5000 SOS rescues and counting. The SPOT lineup is cheap insurance and reassurance for friends and family.

Matt Lester
Matt Lester
Matt Lester is an Account Manager for Dirt Trax TV. He is also a Contributing Editor and Guest Correspondent on the show focusing on tourism & adventure segments.

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