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As much as we love the sound of nicely tuned motor, you simply can’t deny the pleasure you get from listening to your favorite tunes while out on the trail.

SSV Works understands this very well and offers wide selection of audio systems to fit the differing needs by off-road enthusiasts. Their MT-2A 2 speaker audio system has proven to be a great addition to our Maverick Trail build this season. Not only is the system incredibly affordable but the sound quality is excellent and installation is a breeze.

Everything you need is supplied in the box including Direct fit dash kit with MRB3 Bluetooth receiver, 6.5” marine grade speakers, subwoofer and amp along with a direct fit mounting system including Plug & Play harness and cables.

The 25mm Ti-tweeter creates crisp brilliant highs engineered to be heard outdoors, regardless of you wearing a helmet, the sound of the motor or the ambient sound when haulin’ down the trail. The grille mounted tweeter allows for peak cone clearance and maximum output while providing a low profile with optimal weatherproofing.

For more information on SSV Works audio systems visit them at SSV Works is available through Kimpex:

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