Superclamp ATV/UTV Tie-Down Strap Kit

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For decades the most common way to secure your offroad vehicle was to hook tie-down straps around parts of the chassis or suspension and crank them down hard. No matter how tight you think you secured the vehicle in place, slack in the straps occur every time the suspension compresses from bumps on the road. Often, causing the vehicle to shift and move around on the trailer, or rub up against unwanted surfaces or worse move to the outside edge and possibility fall of the trailer deck.

Superclamp has added a new product that solves this problem entirely. The “ATV / UTV Tie-Down Strap” kit doesn’t fasten to the chassis of your offroad vehicle at all. It fastens around the tire. Holding the unsprung part of your ATV or Side x Side confidently in place so there’s never any chance that the straps can come loose as the suspension compresses. This is how cars have been held down on flat deck car trailers for years and it works fantastic. This is the safest method of securing your ATV or side-x-side and is also the least stressful on suspension components.

The ATV UTV tie down strap kit comes with everything you need to secure one vehicle. 4 straps, 4 heavy duty ratchets with rubber coated handles and a set of 4, four-inch-long deck hooks. Each 1.5-inch-wide strap has a working load limited of 1,300-pounds. While you can use the supplied deck hooks and mount them at fixed distances apart from each other, we opted for a bit more adjustability and versatility and mounted Superclamp’s Supertracks to the deck of our trailer instead. By using the Supertracks we can easily adjust our anchor position forward and back for different vehicles we may need to haul.

All that’s required for installation is to ensure the deck hook is mounted between 3-4 inches out from the tire and at an angle slightly forward and back from the front and rear wheels. Slip the looped strap around the top third of the tire and tighten down the ratchet so that compresses the tire slightly. Repeat this same procedure at all 4 corners and you’re all set.

The difference in using this tie down system is immediately noticeable when you start towing. The vehicle will move up and down freely through its travel absorbing all the bumps and impacts from the road while keeping the vehicle secure and the tires firmly in place.

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Vern Putzer
Vern Putzer
Vern Putzer is the Producer of Dirt Trax TV and is also a Contributing Editor and Guest Correspondent on the show.

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