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Not everyone can ride right from their door and many ATV enthusiasts like to pack it all up and head out to a remote destination like northern Ontario, Brimstone or the Hatfield McCoy Trail system.

It comes down to hauling your ATV though – particularly if you have more than one ATV and a bunch of gear.

Triton Trailers makes beautifully crafted, fully enclosed ATV trailers perfect for hauling 3 or 4 ATVs and all your gear comfortably.

The PR-227 features tall aluminum diamond plate stone guards and anodized aluminum trim, plus all aluminum framing from top to bottom. Plus, formed aluminum fenders over the tires add a touch of class to this unit.

This 27 foot hauler can handle everything you need for a good ride. Plus there’s full deck length Quickslide Channels for quickly and safely tying down your equipment at any point in the length of the trailer.

Another thing we love is that doing so many shows and outdoor event, we can use our trailer as home base. Once all the ATVs are out, we can get changed inside and store out gear and valuables knowing they’ll be safe when we lock the doors.

Plus, in addition to the drop down ramps at the front back, there’s also a single door that allows quick and easy access in and out of the trailer so you don’t have to open the entire ramp just to get your stuff.


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