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When it comes to transferring horsepower to the ground, the crucial link for any ATV or UTV is the belt. For too often riders over look or take for granted the condition of their CVT belt until its too late – often leaving them stranded on the trail due to failure along with dishing out big bucks for a OEM replacement belt.

Ultimax is a brand of premium quality drive belts which are manufactured in the USA and are specifically designed for powersport applications with CVT transmissions. The Ultimax family of products for ATV, UTV and performance Side x Side applications includes HQ, UA and XP line of drive belts.

Ultimax’s HQ Belts span applications of the most popular ATVs and UTVs and are built with strong aramid cords and specialty fiber loaded rubber compounds for excellent grip on your clutch sheaves.

This entry HQ belt is built with the same performance and life expectancy as the OEM stock belt and comes with a one-year warranty at a significantly reduced price when compared to the stock belt.

Need something a bit beefier, UA belts are specifically designed for your application and come from a rich history of demanding snowmobile belt designs where 150 horsepower applications are the norm, specialty formulated to exceed your factory belt capabilities in both performance and reliability the UA belt is built for more abuse and is not just less expensive than a stock replacement it also comes with a 2 year warranty.

For those that applications that need the highest level of performance there is the Ultimax XP line of drive belts. XP Belts are Severe duty and specifically developed for the biggest and baddest machines on the market. Constructed with advanced polymer compounds the fiber loaded rubber is grips the clutches throughout the life of the belt and the tough aramid cord delivers superior resistance to high shock loads.

Ultimax XP confidently answers the call for those demanding the best performance and the best reliability. With a 3 warranty Ultimax XP belts also offer the best peace of mind in the market as well.

For more information on the full line of Ultimax belts visit them at ultimaxbelts.com

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