Yoshimura Closed-Loop Advanced Tuner

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Another exciting optional feature is the CAT (Closed-Loop Advanced Tuner) for self-mapping on a dyno. Perfect for dealerships and performance shops.

The optional CAT kit consists of an air fuel sensor and amplifier box that plugs into the PIM 2, and allows for self-mapping of the motorcycle.

Self-mapping means that as the user rides the bike on a dynamometer, the CAT automatically calculates the required fuel adjustment at each RPM and Throttle Position to reach the user selectable target air fuel ratio.

The CAT Mapper software allows for the user to easily enter the target air fuel ratio, start, stop, and review the results of the self-mapping function.

Once the recommended adjustments have been reviewed, the user can either apply all of the suggested adjustments or just a certain range with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

The CAT kit offers an alternative way for mapping without the time or cost of a custom dyno tune.

For the rider looking for maximum performance, a dyno tune together with the CAT is the way to go. The kit comes with all of the required hardware, but may require modification of the exhaust pipe to accept the air fuel sensor fitting.

Part # R-433-CAT
MSRP $439.95 US

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