HIGH RANGE: Volume 9, #2

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In this edition of ‘HIGH RANGE’ Motorhead Mark Lester talks about the growing problem of government regulations against youth ATV’s. Read an excerpt below taken right from the pages of All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine!

We’re annoyed at the misinformation we’re hearing across North America right now surrounding the topic of youth ATV safety.

The common denominator in jurisdictions using the “B” word (Ban) is, almost without exception, the occurrence of a senseless youth ATV incident, usually without parental supervision and/or proper safety equipment being used.

We’re not minimizing the agony of these accidents, however, ATVing is not the only activity that has seen tragedy with children. Bicycles, skateboards, ice skating, snow tubing, wakeboarding, hockey, football and at least a dozen other kids activities have all experienced tragedies at one time or another.

What about the thousands of children who get incredible joy from participating safely in these activities? Kids like to do stuff and sometimes, activities with the potential for risk are an important part of becoming a responsible adult.

The issue will not be resolved by simply saying “outa here” with youth ATVs. Allowing the opportunity for kids to learn responsible off-road riding at a young age is not only huge, it’s necessary.

In fact, if these beginner models are banned, it merely postpones the advent of even more serious problems later on. Any responsible ATVing parent will tell you they’d rather their kids learned to handle a properly sized and underpowered kids ATV under supervision than wait until they’re sixteen, pumped full of testosterone, to get on a powerful, full sized model for their very first ride.

My own sons, now adults, both started their off-road careers at single digit ages on youth ATVs.

Both learned responsibility, safe operation, proper care of the environment and experienced firsthand the invaluable lessons of control and respect for others in a way only motorized recreation can. Are they exceptions? Absolutely not!

Is the youth market rife with irresponsible, unsafe use worthy of banning these vehicles? No, it is not.

Read more in Volume 9, #2 of All-Terrain Vehicle.

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