OUTDOORSMAN: Volume 9, #2

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In this edition of ‘OUTDOORSMAN’ John Arkwright follow up on his last topic about his hunt camp. Read an excerpt below taken right from the pages of All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine!

I took a substantial amount of flack for the title I put on my Outdoorsman editorial in the last issue of this magazine. It was entitled The Camp, It’s A Guys Thing.

I forgot that Jim Brogan has four daughters who all hunt and fish, and then there’s my daughter, Carrie, who loves to fish and has just recently successfully completed her gun course.

The truth is, there are more girls hunting than ever before. Mark and Ted Dobbs, friends of mine, own a camp not too far from us, and several women hunt with them every season, too.

The evening jawing and bragging sessions around the campfire have gone in a whole new direction as women talk in a lot more detail about their shooting exploits than men do. How times have changed!

One thing the girls all agree on is the appeal of UTVs: the Rangers, Prowlers and Rhinos. Last year we had a Polaris Ranger in camp and basically the girls took ownership of it.

Side by sides are so easy to operate and with independent suspensions have such a comfortable off-road ride, plus it’s a lot easier to carry packs and rifles on them.

Read more in Volume 9, #2 of All-Terrain Vehicle.

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