Am I Too Big For A Raptor?

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i was looking into getting a Raptor 700, but I weigh around 250 and it says the max load is 220 lbs.

Why is this so low? Even smaller quads are higher than this, but if i got one would I be okay with a gusset kit?

I do MX tracks and trails and hit up to 60 foot jumps.




Okay, you’ve got me on this one. I’ve looked at Yamaha’s specs on their websites (and a whole lot of other OEM’s specs as well) just to see if I’m going nuts – after reading your question.

I do not believe I’ve seen a “weight limit specification for rider” attached to any current models – other than youths. I could be wrong but if I am I would like you to give me the site where the Raptor has a posted load limit of 250 pounds.

Here’s what gets me about your Q. I know lots of guys who weigh what you do who ride and race ATV’s – and never have a problem other than needing more preload, higher damping settings or heavier springs. A “gusset kit”? You mean there’s a kit you can bolt on to beef up the Raptor in spots the OE knows will crack? I doubt that.

Here’s the deal – if you had a 200 pound rider who rode harder than you – like a guy who could do 100 ft triples – wouldn’t that theoretically generate as high if not higher shock loads than your svelte 250 pound body at 60 feet on a double?

I’ll keep checking but I am a little confused!

Motorhead Mark

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