Do I need POwer Steering On My Grizz?

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Dear Motorhead,

I’m looking at buying a Yamaha Grizzly 700. What I’m uncertain about is the Electric Power Steering option.

I may consider upgrading the stock 25″ meats to a set of 26″ ITP Mudlite XTR’s. Is this a good tire upgrade for the Grizz and would I then need EPS?

Also, would the larger tires cause added stress to components designed for stock rubber? 




Good questions. If you are not going to add bigger skins then don’t bother with the EPS option – it simply isn’t necessary.

However, with the big meats installed you’ll be happy you opted for EPS – this is where it’s real value comes in.

Yes, when you put big meats on any ATV you run the risk of hurting steering and suspension components in extreme conditions.

EPS makes your leverage over a too-stuck tire exponentially stronger stressing the tie rods and spindles.

This being said, thousands upon thousands of Grizz buyers will be doing what you are and will have no trouble.


Motorhead Mark

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