Honda Rincon Shifting Issues

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I recently bought 2003 Honda Rincon 650 and from the first day the shifting has been uneven and sometimes unpredicitable.

After shifting to 1st, 2nd or 3rd if you let off the throttle the bike will drop into its lowest gear, release and then go back into the lowest gear. If you give it gas the bike will stay in the higher gear.



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It would be impossible to verify if there is a problem with your Rincon’s tranny from this description.

However, I would suggest the next time you meet someone with a same year Rincon that you check with them and verify if this is consistent with their Rincon’s shifting.

Keep in mind, the Rincon is using three fixed gear ratios to deal with all possible terrain situations you encounter.

CVT trannies used by everyone else in the biz have infinite ratios so the vehicle is theoretically never in the wrong gear.

The new Rincon 680 EFI produces more HP than your 650 model and it delivers a more consistent and smoother response to load and terrain variations – in my opinion.

Good luck,

Motorhead Mark

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