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Dear Motorhead,

what is the hp on the 2008 LT-R450 and the 2008 Raptor 700? How would you compare the two?




Thanks for your email!

There are no published HP #’s for these ATV’s. However, most aftermarket pipe builders dyno these engines. Unfortunately, most of the HP #’s we’ve seen vary widely – this is due to the difference in dyno’s. This is precisely why OEM’s don’t like to release HP #’s!

I think you are comparing apples to oranges. The LTR 450 is a full-on 450 spec class racing ATV like the YF-Z 450, the Honda TRX 450R, the DS 450 Can-Am, the Outlaw 450 MX-R and the new KTM. Compare the LTR to these and you have a solid foundation for drawing conclusions.

The Raptor 700 EFI is a high performance Pure Sport ATV aimed at the trail/dune rider. It isn’t built for competition but it appeals to a much wider audience than LTR or any 450 spec racer.

If you are into closed course riding and competition look at the 450’s. If you want to do a lot of things with an ATV, the Raptor is the right place to go.

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