How To Tune Fuel Injected ATVs

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Where can I find information on how to tune fuel injected ATVs and how to determine if the fuel mixture is correct?

David Rucks



Thanks for the email. Since more ATVs have hit the marketplace featuring EFI the last couple of years, there are still surprisingly few places you can readily obtain good advice and equipment for fuel injected Sport and Sport Utes.

Beware of “barnyard engineers” who think they’re experts on this advanced technology but only want to sell you junk. Especially, don’t take on big engine mods without consulting someone who knows their stuff.

Even a modified exhaust system can lose power overall if the EFI’s CPU isn’t properly programmed and mapped to accommodate it. Fuel supply is something you don’t want to mess with unless the mapping matches.

This technology should never be confused with carbs – it’s just way more complex. On the other hand, getting a reputable computer chip for your ATV can turn a dozer into a killer performer.

Check out Dynatek at or call 800 928-3962. these guys should be able to help.

Kent Lester

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