Kawasaki 360 Issues

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Dear Motorhead,

My 2004 Kawasaki 360 4×4 has just developed problem. When I shift into forward or reverse at idle speed it starts to creep ahead (or back). Plus the reverse light is flashing.

I have 5000 kms on it and the original belt, but the ATV is well-maintained.

Any thoughts?



Thanks for your email!

You are likely dealing with a sticky or stuck primary clutch on your Kwacker’s CVT system.

If you’ve run 5000 miles on the original belt you should think about installing a new one anyway. You won’t believe how the performance will improve with a fresh belt.

I suspect you have a build up of belt rubber in the bottom of the sheave faces on the primary (front) clutch (pulley). This causes the moveable (outer) sheave to stick and creates the notchy shifting and creeping you are complaining about.

Your reverse light is likely on from forcing the shifter and bending the linkage slightly from the load on the tranny while shifitng.

Hope this helps!

Motorhead Mark

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