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Dear Motorhead,

I have a 2008 King Quad 750 and was wondering what the best air filter or air intake for it would be. Also, can you recommend the best slip on exhaust pipe? Loudness doesn’t matter.

I ride mostly trails and wooded areas and there’s always some shallow mud present. What tires would you recommed and what size should they be for these conditions? 

Thank you for your time, 

Shawn McKendree

Thanks for your email!

You are assuming we have tested all these products for a King Quad – right? We haven’t! Here are some suggestions…

You can’t go wrong with a K & N replacement air filter. If you’re running mud do not modify the airbox lid or intake for more power as these mods generally let in water.

I would not recommend an aftermarket exhaust system which alters sound output even fractionally. There are very few which do not – and in fact one may not exist which is as quiet as stock for your KQ. You’d better do some research.  Sound DOES matter.

ITP Mud Lites are a great combination dry/wet tire. They demand the least compromise and we have heard and experienced nothing but good reports on them. However, if you want to go with some aggressive chevron style mud meats there are plenty to choose from from many of the advertisers in All-Terrain Vehicle Magazine.

Keep in mind once you go to a non-radial, solid sidewall mud-specific tire you will affect the ride and handling of your KQ dramatically. I would recommend you keep your stock tires and run them when its dry and if you choose to go with aggressive mud skins put them on when the terrain is suitable. You’ll be much happier.

Motorhead Mark

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