Polaris 550 XP Improvements

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Dear Motorhead:

First off, Dirt Trax is the best ATV show on TV and meeting you guys at Brimstone was a blast.

I own an 09 Polaris 550 XP and it’s been a great ATV. I watched the testing of the XP on your show and you said that there was an improvement in 2010.

I didn’t catch what that improvement was. If it’s something that can be fixed before I go to Utah in the summer please advise.




Thanks for the kind words!

Our reference was to the over-all refinements made to the 550 in its second year of production. The vibration issues – particularly at idle – have been settled substantially – we suspect a different durometer motor mount was used and other drivability issues including plug fouling have been rectified.

It is a great ATV in any form, but it has been made even better in its subsequent years of production.

Motorhead Mark

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